Practice Schedule 

However much time you have in a week to practice, that practice needs to be structured for you to get the most out of it. I have given some example practice routines for beginner and intermediate students and an example of my current plan. Just write in the date at the top and write which pieces and which scales you are practicing that week. Don't worry if you are writing the same scale or piece for more than a few weeks that should be the case. don't forget to keep a few months worth so you can track your own progress. 

Download My Practice Schedule               Download Intermediate Practice Schedule       Download Beginner Practice Schedule


Tab Paper 

Before I bought software to write scores and arrangements for my students i used to spend a lot of money on books of tablature and manuscript paper to write down my music ideas. There didn't seem to be a good online Tab paper that was evenly spread out and a nice size. So I made one.

download guitar tab

download bass tab.

Free Lessons, Backing Tracks and more

Free Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are really helpful for all guitarists and bass players, so i have recorded some free backing tracks that you can download here.



Following many requests for tablature for my arrangements  on youtube, tablature can be download below and liner notes explaining techniques and more are available upon request. Also downloadable here is just the melody line for The Parting Glass for free as many people contact me or book lessons on the subject of arranging for guitar. Also below are free exercises and downloads to help your playing.

  Parting Glass Melody

Free finger picking patterns

Here are three fingerpicking patterns with PIMA notation designed to challenge your picking hand! 

Fingerpicking patterns

The Parting Glass Tab
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Star of the County Down

arrangement with Tab of the traditional Irish tune arranged in DADGAD tuning.

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Londonderry Air (Oh Danny Boy)

My arrangement of Londonderry air in DADGAD Tuning

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10 Tips for all acoustic players here